The Space Club of India

The Space Club of India is a unique initiative by the vision of the team of Indo Science Education Trust. The Space Club of India is designed for school students and will be active from the academic year 2017-18. Students will be able to register online and learn about space sciences through e-newsletters and hands on activities.

Hands-on activity classes will be conducted in schools with a sizeable number of members. The activities included hobby rockets and satellite making. Children from grade 4 onward will learn the basics of how rockets and satellites work.

Select schools will form teams for making real satellites. This will be the first in the country and among the first in the world!

Space Club

Join The Space Club of India to become a champion of space knowledge. Members of the club get all the knowledge of space sciences from across the world. News, activities, projects, group interactions, scientist interactions, competitions and lots more.

Space Activity

If your school deserves to be one of the privileged one, we will invite your school for participating in hands-on activities on space sciences. The activities will be conducted by our team. Tell us why your school should be invited. (A large group of Space Club members is essential for the school to be invited.)

Space Tours

Space sciences are not covered in the media and our teachers and parents also often not well informed. Visiting places where space science is part of the life is the way to know about it. Of course, in India ISRO centres are the temples of space sciences. Come with us and meet the people behind making India one of the top space nations, know ISRO history and technology.

Our Team


Santosh Pise

President Indo Science Education Trust

Partner Alacrity Developers


Prashant Dobriyal

Vice-President Indo Science Education Trust

Director Cognition Now Education Pvt. Ltd. Ex-Delivery Manager Aptara

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